Employment Law Solicitor

If you believe your rights as an employee are not being respected or contractual obligations are being ignored, we can give advice on where you stand legally and what you should do next.

Sound legal advice, at an early stage can often produce an outcome that is fair to both sides and avoids the need for Courts or Tribunals to be involved.

If you are an employer, you will know that time-consuming problems can arise without warning. Whether this is as a result of new law or a lack of knowledge of the legal procedures, we can help you to resolve these urgent problems. Also, we can ensure you understand your obligations to your staff.

We offer advice on the following for employers and employees:

  • pre-contract advice
  • drafting contracts of employment
  • disciplinary and grievance issues
  • engagement procedures
  • termination procedures including settlement agreements
  • unfair and wrongful dismissal/redundancy issues
  • discrimination/equal opportunities issues

Our estimate of likely costs for bringing and defending claims are set out on the following page for your information: http://motleyandhope.co.uk/employment/employment/

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